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An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Ashu Enterprises has setup a contemporary infrastructural facility equipped with advanced machinery for carrying out the production procedures effectively. Installed as per required space capacity, and other specifications, these machines aid us in meeting clients’ requisites expertly by providing finest range of Road Safety Products.

The company operates out of their Corporate Office and Warehouse in New Delhi and has robust dealer and distributor network in All Over India. With the launch of their new premium product line and optimum positioning the company is looking to have a pan India presence in the near future. We have Three Warehouse and Workshops strategically located in Central and South Delhi housing all our production, printing, supplies and display products.

Our Team
Our employees are its pride. All those who work with the company have been the key to its rise in the Infrastructure space; they have not just been employees, but also key elements thrusting its move forward through all times. Believing Strongly in Innovation and commitment to enhance safety of people on roads, Ashu Enterprises uses manufacturing facility ISO 9001:2008 certified and employs highly skilled and dedicated professional and workers

Our Vision for Being a Strong Supplier in India is very simple as an open, honest relationship which demands clear communications of how each Client is performing, we also Encourage constructive criticism and are brave enough to suggest ways clients can help themselves perform better. If we know where we stand, we can stand stronger.

Managing customers’ satisfaction efficiently is one the biggest challenge an organization face. The tools or methods to measure customer satisfaction needs to be defined sophisticatedly to fulfil the desired norms. Customer’s complaints are the issues and problems reported by the customer to supplier with regards to any specific product or related service. These complaints can be classified under different segments according to the severity and department. If the complaints under a particular segment go high in a specific period of time then the performance of the organization is degrading in that specific area or segment. But if the complaints diminish in a specific period of time then that means the organization is performing well and customer satisfaction level is also higher. it is necessarily required for an organization to interact and communicate with customers on a regular basis to increase customer loyalty. In these interactions and communications it is required to learn and determine all individual customer needs and respond accordingly. A customer is said to be loyal if he revisits supplier on regular basis for purchases. These loyal customers are the satisfied ones and hence they are bounded with a relationship with the supplier. Hence by obtaining the customer loyalty index, We can indirectly measure customer satisfaction.

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