Marker Adhesive

Marker Adhesive

Ever Grip bitumin Marker Adhesive (USA mode)

Art:AL 501

Marker Adhesive is a hot melt adhesive utilized for permanently bonding pavement markers to asphaltic and Portland cement concrete surface, including chip seal. These adhesives are provided in packed box of 25kg and offer High reliability. Proven Performance, Impact resistant, Superior cohesion, Consistent quality. Reduced cooking and faster setting in application equipment.


Weight :25 kg(48 Bricks)


Available:1 Brick 6.25kg



Bitumiun Marker Adhesive has been utilized for booking millions for pavement markers and is preferred by engineers worldwide for

  •     Superior adhesive
  •     High reliability
  •     Surface Preparation
  •     High reliability
  •     Faster setting
  •     Pavement surface should be cured, dry and clean


Working Conditions

Apply in normal dry workers conditions when ambient temperature is at least 40oF (4oC)

Storage: Store adhesive in manufacture's containers in a cool. dry place til ready to use.

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